Support Group Setup

We know that many people whose lives have been touched by military bereavement want to raise funds for research, or to support other families who are going through grief. Many people also want to raise these funds inspired by a loved one.


Setting up a Supporter Group with us is the best way forward for many people who want to raise funds, either when they’ve sadly lost someone to war or if they are inspired by someone going through the grief process, because:

  • You can raise funds in the name of your loved one or create a group that raises money in tribute to several people.
  • We handle all the administration, Gift Aid and Charity Commission paperwork: you simply arrange your fundraising event, send the donations to us and we do the rest.
  • We provide a comprehensive support system to help you raise the most money in tribute to your loved one.
  • We are the only military charity focussed on practical support in the UK and are the experts in this area. The Forces Support funds research through an accredited, independent peer-review process that’s recognised as best practice for medical research funding.
  • The Forces Support has been established for 4 years. Our investment in supporting families and research has already led to real breakthroughs in bereavement care — by fundraising for us you are going to be helping more families receive the best.


All the funds you raise as a Supporter Group will be spent on furthering our charitable objectives of funding practical and emotional support through our project work memorial gardens, Play areas for children and internal maintenance, raising awareness and gaining new families. We do not use the funds raised by our Supporter Groups to cover general office costs or fundraising costs.

The first £10,000 will be spent on these objectives, however, once you have raised over £10,000, you will be able to nominate the money to be restricted to one of these five areas:

  1. Memorial Gardens programme
  2. Future Research
  3. Play Areas
  4. General Maintenance Projects
  5. Or simply, leave it with our experienced, professional team to allocate to our overall charitable objectives (as above) where it is most needed at the time


You’ll receive help and support from our dedicated Fundraiser for Supporter Groups, offering you support on everything from running your own event to handling the media, including:

  • Copies of our printed materials to support your fundraising and communicate The Charity’s activities to your supporters (leaflets, posters, newsletters).
  • A toolkit including a personalised logo and forms to help increase the profile of your Group in your local area
  • Materials to help you fundraise including t-shirts, collection tins, stickers etc.
  • Quarterly reports about how much you’ve raised and where it is being spent, so you can keep all your supporters up-to-date.
  • Recognition and promotion through all our communication channels — printed newsletters, website and social media.
  • We recognise that many Groups are set up in difficult circumstances you might have questions and need information about what you’re going through. We are there for anyone associated with our Groups at any time thorough social media.
  • If you’d like to set up a Supporter Group, please call 01562 742798.