Leaving a Legacy

Why write a Will?

Making a Will is important as it is the only way to guarantee that your family and loved ones, as well as the charities you care about, will receive the gifts you intend for them.

Keeping your Will up-to-date

Over time your circumstances may change and so if you already have a Will it’s just as important that periodically you review and update your Will to ensure that it still complies with your wishes.

If you wish to make a simple amendment to your Will you can use a Codicil to update it at no cost to you, and without having to have it rewritten. A Codicil does not change the original terms of your Will but it enables you to give new instructions. For example you can use a Codicil to include a gift to Forces Support if you wish.

Download our Codicil form if you’d like to leave Forces Support a gift in your Will

How to avoid Inheritance Tax*

Leaving a legacy to Forces Support, no matter how small or large is completely free from Inheritance Tax and could reduce any Inheritance Tax liability.

Inheritance Tax used to only affect ‘wealthy’ people but recent spiralling house prices means many more homeowners could be liable.

Inheritance Tax is currently charged at 40%. If your estate is going to be affected by Inheritance Tax, you can reduce the amount that is taxable in two ways:

  1. Any gift you leave to charity is deducted from your estate before any tax liability is calculated.
  2. You can reduce Inheritance Tax from 40% to 36% if you leave 10% or more of your net estate to charity.

We recommend you talk to your solicitor or financial advisor if you think you might be affected by Inheritance Tax 

Why leave a legacy to Forces Support?

Every legacy left to Forces Support makes a real difference to us, no matter how large or small.

Although we have already completed more than 400 practical maintenance and garden projects for over 250 bereaved military families there is still much work for us to do.

Remembering Forces Support in your Will can help us plan ahead and enable us to continue to help many more wives, partners and children of families who have lost their loved one.

Thank you

Thank you so much if you have decided to include a gift in your Will for our work with bereaved military families. Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated.

Gifts like yours, no matter the size, will make all the difference to us and will enable us to carry on with our work long into the future.

It helps us with our future planning to know if you have decided to remember us in your Will. Please use the contact form to tell us about your gift.

Thank you on behalf of the bereaved families your gift will be helping us to support.