Posted February 29, 2024
General News Press Release
Some of the Scottys team and members with Forces Support celebrating the opening of Scottys Devon Cliffs lodge in Jan 23

Forces Support, a Military Bereavement and Veterans’ Charity has shown its dedication to British Forces families by providing Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the charity for bereaved military children and young people, with a £96,000 grant for respite breaks, following continued support since 2021.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers provides relief from the effects of bereavement to military children and young people (0 to 25 years) who have experienced the death of a parent who served in the British Armed Forces. The charity provides a range of support to its members throughout their childhood, including respite breaks to give bereaved military families a chance to get away from their daily routines and make new happy memories.

Forces Support has shown long-term commitment to Forces families by continually funding Scotty’s respite breaks since 2021. Scotty’s additionally received a huge boost when Forces Support generously covered the entire costs associated with a new lodge at Haven in Devon Cliffs which opened at the beginning of 2023. Forces Support’s confirmation that they’ll continue to fund Scotty’s breaks in 2024 is a testament to their dedication to military families.

Carol Reynolds, CEO of Forces Support, said, “We continue to be extremely proud at being able to fund the entire annual bereaved family breaks at Scotty’s Lodges for 2024/5. We have seen the huge benefits that these breaks have on not just the children but the entire family. Having funded and purchased a new lodge at Haven, Devon Cliffs, which opened in 2023, we have shown our commitment to our partnership with Scotty’s. Long may the new lodge in Devon bring joy and happiness to those families in need.”      

Nikki Scott, Founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, said: “We are so grateful to Forces Support for remaining so committed to ensuring that bereaved military children and young people have the opportunity to get away with their family following the death of a parent. We find that because the break is organised by Scotty’s, families naturally have conversations about their loved one who has died. It’s an opportunity to talk in a safe environment away from home and also to have a great time, smile and make new memories. Thank you so much Forces Support for enabling us to continue to provide our members with this really important time away.”

Scotty’s respite breaks take place all over the UK, with seven lodges located around UK Haven sites. Due to the number of families the charity supports, Scotty’s also provides breaks at Butlins, Alton Towers and Center Parcs.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers was inspired by the experience of Army widow Nikki Scott, following the death of her husband Cpl Lee Scott in Afghanistan in 2009. The charity was set up in 2010 and currently supports over 650 members.

Scotty’s provides its members with access to child bereavement support, guidance to parents and carers, personal education and learning assistance (including grants), and fun activities such as holiday respite breaks and group events. These are all designed to remind the children and young people supported by Scotty’s that they are not alone.  

Scotty’s has a long-term goal of supporting over 1000 bereaved military children and young people annually by 2030.

For more on why Scotty breaks are so important to bereaved military families, click HERE.