Forces Support extends successful partnership with The Veterans Charity for further 2 years

Posted June 1, 2023
General News Press Release

A successful partnership between The Veterans Charity and Forces Support, which has already delivered support to more than 600 Veterans, is set to extend for a further two years.

In February 2022, it was announced that Forces Support were providing vital funding to The Veterans Charity to enable them to continue delivering rapid and vital support to Veterans who found themselves in hardship. The initial partnership was created for a period of three years with funding of £57,500 being provided in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

The Veterans Charity has seen a sharp rise in demand and the costs of the support being provided. Recognising this increase and the need for further funding, Forces Support have decided to increase the funding for this year and 2024 by 20% to £69,000 in each year to help The Veterans Charity to continue meeting urgent needs.

Due to the success of the partnership since it began last year and to the close relationship that the two organisations have formed, Forces Support have agreed to extend the partnership by a further two years into 2025 and 2026. The funding being provided will enable The Veterans Charity to deliver support to many more Veterans in need beyond next year, with grants of £160,000 being made in each of the two years. This will bring the total funding from Forces Support over five years to £515,500.

Carol Reynolds, CEO of Forces Support, said,

Forces Support are excited to be continuing working in partnership with The Veteran Charity.    We have been operating for over 13 years, helping bereaved families who have lost loved ones who served in the Armed Forces, and supporting veterans too. Our continued partnership with The veterans Charity will enable us to continue to support those veterans who served for our country and who now find themselves in need of support

Danny Greeno, CEO of The Veterans Charity said

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Forces Support. We delivered support to 652 cases in 2022, 448 of them funded by this partnership. We have seen a sharp rise in demand and in the costs of the vital support we provide but thanks to the extension of this wonderful partnership and to the increased funding, we can continue to be ready to respond to the most urgent needs of Veterans. We are very grateful to Forces Support and we look forward to working with them for years to come thanks to their incredible backing.”