Charity of the Year

If your company selects a Charity of the Year to support, would you please consider nominating Forces Support Charity?

As over 2400 military personnel have died in conflict or in service in the last 10 years many of your colleagues will know of someone who’s family has been effected by this death and will welcome the opportunity to support our unique and innovative project team across the UK.

Charity of the Year Ideas

  • Collection days
  • Special events
  • Dress Down Friday
  • £1,000 challenge
  • Payroll giving
  • Take part in one of our events and challenges
  • Join or set up n Supporter Group
  • Donate a percentage of the sale price of your company’s product or service
  • Sponsor an event (or part of an event)

What you could do to help

  • Fundraise with collection days; special events or try a dress down Friday in exchange for a donation. Start payroll giving
  • Take part in one of our many events and challenges
  • Volunteer — in our Kidderminster office if you’re close by — by joining or setting up an Supporter Group anywhere in the UK
  • If you have a product – donate a percentage of the sale price
  • Sponsor an event or part of an event

Benefits to your company include

  • supporting a cause dear to many hearts
  • raising your profile in the community
  • enhancing corporate social responsibility by giving the team a chance to get out of the office and have a good time together

Our friendly team will support you all the way with fundraising ideas, tips and materials and co-operation on projects.

Please get in touch with us on 01562 742798. We will be happy to give you further details on how to get involved and how we can work together.